How to impress the wedding guest with limited budget?

Planning for a wedding will be a great task to the individuals to impress the wedding guests with limited budget. The preparation for the wedding events like selecting the venue, decoration of the halls, selecting the caterers will also be the part of wedding. Selecting the preferred venue within budget, checking the availability and the facilities provided by the halls can be viewed in the Within the limited budget the day must be memorable one by using certain tactics which are as follows.

Wedding can be on weekdays

Wedding ceremony can be on the weekdays or on the off-peak season time. Because this can save money to be spend on having the wedding ceremony on some of the important dates.

Know the guest list

While speaking about the limited budget wedding ceremony make your list with the limited members who are more affectionate with you. This cut down the lots of amount to be spent on venue and the food to be prepared.

Decorating with the flowers

Make use of the local region or seasonal flowers for the decoration of the venues. Add some ribbons to make the flower decoration an attractive one with the low cost. Make use of potted ferns at the altar to make the appearance of the ceremony more elegant and richer look. Make use of the unusual flowers like lily and gypsophila.

Invite the friends or relatives with good vocal talent

Ask our friends or realities with good vocal talent to perform at the wedding event and cheer the audience with good sound. Instead of paying them with any amount you can buy some seasonal items like blankets or other stuff related to their wish.


Choosing the venue for the wedding ceremony and reception can be at the same location. This reduces the expenses paid for the advance payment for the marriage halls and reception hall. Make use of the remaining amount to buy some fireworks which will entertain the guest in the evening time and also, they will love it.

Think of included services

Once make sure what are all the services included with the venue cost and make sure if it fits the budget. The services provided by the venues will also include sales tax, extra arrangements etc.

Get it organized

Keep a separate note and make the separate section for each budget category. This helps to cut down the amount you have spent. When the budget amount is reached make yourself to cut down on the remaining cost.

With the limited budget, also the wedding ceremony can be done in a grand manner by cut downing the certain costs which is not required for the budget marriage. This budget marriage can be done in to order to save the money which is spent lavishly on the things which are not the necessary need for the guest. Make use of E-invite to invite the guest for the wedding ceremony instead of paper cards.


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